Summer Campus 2022

Casa de Portugal carefully prepared the Summer Campus 2022 after the success obtained in previous years. The activity monitors have prepared in detail each of the moments that will awaken your child’s creativity! Between Fine Arts, Sport and Games there will be plenty of time to explore, learn and essentially… play!

How to Subscribe?

General Information

The expression “member” used on this webpage includes adult and young members of the Casa de Portugal in Macau and adult and young members Friends of Portuguese Culture

1. Registration for the Holiday Camps of Casa de Portugal in Macau will be opened on June 20 at 10:00 am and will be closed on July 9 at 23:59 or when the available vacancies are exhausted;

2. Registration will be made
exclusively through
the Internet, on the website

3. Non-members may register for an additional fee;

i) Priority will be given to the members, in full enjoyment of their rights (registered until June 19, 2022 and with Regularized Quotas);

4. Places are limited;

5. The Campus is intended for young people born between 2012 and 2018;

6. Any registration that contains false information will be automatically cancelled, without the right to refund the amount paid;

7. Registration will only be considered official after confirmation of the vacancy and payment.


9. Discounted registrations are exclusive to members and their descendants.

How to Subscribe?


REGISTRATION Instructions on the Holiday CAMPUS

Registration is made exclusively on the website of Casa de Portugal in Macau (

Before registering, the following data must be obtained:


  • Full name of the Member;
  • Number of Members;
  • Member Discount Code
  • Full name of the child(s);
  • Identification number of the child(s);
  • Date of birth of the child(s)
Partners’ Children:

MOP 2000.00

(after Discount Code);


  • Full name;
  • Full name of the child(s);
  • Identification number of the child(s);
  • Date of birth of the child(s)
Children of NON-Partners:

MOP 2500.00

Member Discount Code is a password that allows you to enjoy a considerable discount and is obtained at the Casa de Portugal’s Head of Residence by Members interested in enrolling their students on campus. For this they must have their status as a regularized
member: Members registered until June 19, 2022 and regularized quotas.

Discounted registrations are exclusive to members and their descendants.

Important: The Member Discount Code is different depending on the number of children you want to enroll. When requesting the code, expressly mention the number of children you are going to register.

Application Process:

    1. Choose how many children you want to appoint;
    2. Insert your name and email;
    3. Then enter the child’s Full name, Identification Number, and Date of Birth
    4. (repeat the previous operation if necessary);
    5. Click Buy Now;
    6. Check all information; If they are correct press SEE CART;
    8. Press CHECKOUT
    9. Correctly Fill Out All Invoicing Fields
    10. Check if the E-mail is correct to avoid processing errors
    11. Click on FINISH ORDER

The application will generate an e-mail with an ORDER NUMBER.

Write down the Number.

Registration will be booked for a maximum of 48 Hours.

During this period you must make the payment via Bank transfer to the account:

BNU 900 180 5429

VERY IMPORTANT: After the bank transfer is complete send an e-mail to :

email: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

You must mention the order number, the name used in the registration and the proof of the transfer.

Without this it will not be possible to confirm the registration.

After 48 hours the order that has not been settled will be cancelled

(Access to registrations will appear at this location at the time indicated in the General Information)


1. All payments will be made through the bank reference that will be provided in the vacancy confirmation email;

2. The deadline for payment of registration is 48 hours after sending the registration confirmation email;

3. If the payment deadline for registration is not respected (48 hours), registration will be cancelled and the vacancy immediately available online.


You can cancel your registration at the Casa de Portugal Campus in Macau but the return is subject to the cancellation date:

1. Cancellations made up to 10 days (including) before the course: Guaranteed refund of the amount paid, after deduction of MOP230 to cover registration costs;

2. Cancellations made with less than 9 days (including) in advance of the course: The amount paid will only be refunded (deducting the MOP230) if manage to fill the place assigned to you.

3. Cancellation must be communicated to the email: [email protected]. In the subject line: indicate “Withdrawal”, in the Body of the email: indicate the full name and date of birth.

4. In the event that the Government determines the suspension or cancellation of the activities due to a possible outbreak of covid, no refund shall be made of the registration fee.

Epidemic measures to participate in activities

All participants must present proof of the complete vaccination program against the finalized new coronavirus at least 14 days prior to the start of the first activity. If this is not the case, participants must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate in the 7 days prior to each activity (nucleic acid test fees will be supported by each participant). Every day there will be temperature measurement at the entrance to the premises and participants must show green health code and wear mask.


If you remain on this website, completing any purchase or reservation operation means that you have accepted the terms and conditions for its use.

The data collected in connection with applications to the Casa de Portugal Summer Campus in Macau is mandatory and will be processed and stored by computer at Casa de Portugal in Macau, as the entity responsible for the processing of personal data.

The purpose of collecting data, namely through their registration, is to organize, prepare and carry out the activities of Casa de Portugal in Macau.

By registering and providing the requested data, you declare that you are aware of and agree to the processing of your personal data by Casa de Portugal in Macau, under the terms and for the purposes described herein.

He further declares that he knows that images and sound can be recorded, through videos and photographs, during the Casa de Portugal Summer Campus in Macau. To this end, it authorizes the organization of Casa de Portugal in Macau to proceed, free of charge, with the recording, capture, and subsequent use/dissemination of such videos and photographs in which the registered person may appear. These images in their original format or with the necessary changes or adaptations can be used for the dissemination and promotion of other actions of Casa de Portugal in Macau, by any means or in any support, without time limit, on the websites of the internet, posters, publications, presentations or other promotional material, organization of events and information sessions, currently existing or to be developed and implemented in the future.

The data owner further declares that the data and information provided are true, complete and accurate and the omission and/or inaccuracy of the data provided by him is his sole and entire responsibility.

Casa de Portugal in Macau assumes that the data collected were entered by the respective owner(s) or that their collection was authorized by the same(s). The collected data may be processed by entities subcontracted to the organization of the activity of Casa de Portugal in Macau for the purpose of providing services, and may also be transmitted to third parties, for the purposes of complying with legal obligations, insurance, and other benefits, communicate data to any other entities whose communication proves necessary to carry out the planned activity.