Classical Guitar / Singing

Monitor: Tomás Ramos de Deus

Class U, V, W, X, Y: 01/08/2021 – 03/26/2021

Class A, B, C, D, E: 01/11/2021 – 03/22/2021

Class F, G, H, I, J: 01/12/2021 – 03/23/2021

Class K, L , M, N, O: 01/13/2021 – 03/24/2021

Class P, Q, R, S, T: 01/14/2021 – 03/25/2021

This Course intends to make the instrument known to the student, its potential, in which musical styles it stand out, history and classical repertoire written so far.

The student will have the opportunity to have the first contact with the instrument, learning some of the basic techniques such as posture, positioning of hands and arms, fingering, major and minor scales, simple melodies and experimentation in duets.

In the Singing section, this course aims to introduce the student to the main techniques used in singing and the most important points in this process, such as body posture, supported breathing, voice placement. Support will also be given to vocal performance.

Total per class: 11 sessions (50 minutes per session)



Class A: 11am – 11:50am

Class B: 12:10pm – 1pm 

Class C: 3:20pm – 4:10pm

Class D: 4:30pm – 5:20pm

Class E: 5:40pm – 6:30pm 


Class F: 11am – 11:50am

Class G: 12:10pm – 1pm

Class H: 3:20pm – 4:10pm

Class I: 4:30pm – 5:20pm

Class J: 5:40pm – 6:30pm


Class K: 11am – 11:50am

Class L: 1:20pm – 2:10pm

Class M: 3:20pm – 4:10pm

Class N: 4:30pm – 5:20pm

Class O: 5:40pm – 6:30pm


Class P: 11am – 11:50am

Class Q: 12:10pm – 1pm

Class R: 3:20pm – 4:10pm

Class S: 4:30pm – 5:20pm

Class T: 5:40pm – 6:30pm


Class U: 11am – 11:50am

Class V: 12:10pm – 1pm

Class W: 3:20pm – 4:10pm

Turma X: 4:30pm – 5:20pm

Turma Y: 5:40pm – 6:30pm

≥7 years

Main Office

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street,  Macau

MOP1320 : Member

MOP1520 : Non-Member

1 participant per class

Portuguese and English

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street, Macau