Adobe Lightroom – Beginners

Monitor: David Lopo

01/14/2021 – 03/25/2021

Specialized program in photo editing, as well as storage and organization.

In this course we will cover basic concepts about editing a photograph, analyzing which tools are essential and their respective functionalities, in order to achieve an aesthetically uplifted and balanced final image.

In addition, we will learn to select and organize photographic collections in the most productive way, with the aim of making the whole process more efficient.

Total: 22 hours (11 sessions)


7pm – 9pm


≥10 years

431-478, Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado Avenue, Nam Fung Building, 14th Floor A – Room 3

MOP1100 : Member

MOP1300 : Non-Member

10 participants

Portuguese and English

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street, Macau