Portuguese figures

Monitor: Elisa Vilaça

04/02/2022 – 25/03/2022

This course aims to make known the History of Portuguese Figures.

This art is characterised by the execution in clay of religious and popular figures representing different professions and everyday scenes.

Theoretical aspects covered throughout the course:

– History of Craftsmen who stood out over the years in Portugal;

• Main features of clay figures according to the regions of Portugal;

• Approach to the Alentejo figures as a World Heritage Site;

• The new generations and their recreations;

Step-by-step modelling technique (theoretical presentation).

Practical classes:

Modelling in different types of clay.

Execution of painting/glazing on the executed pieces.

Total: 24 hours (8 sessions)

The necessary material is available.

DSEDJ Course Code: 2110200328-0

Allowed use of DSEDJ Development and Continuous Improvement Program subsidy.

Contact the CPM headquarters for information on payment methods, if you do not use the subsidy granted by the PDAC / DSEDJ.


Sponsored Course: Macau Foundation


18.30 – 21.30

≥16 years old

431-478, Avenida Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado, Nam Fung Building, 13º Floor A – Room 1


10 participants

Portuguese and English

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street , Macau

* Amount not included in the subsidy.