Porcelain Painting

Monitor: Arlinda Frota

Beginners I:  01/18/2021 – 03/24/2021

Beginners II:  01/19/2021 – 03/25/2021

Students will be introduced to the history of porcelain, porcelain painting and its different techniques.

They will be taught the method of applying colours to smooth and glazed surfaces, which implies refined technical skills. Students will also learn to work with irregular pieces, as well as understanding colour transformation during the fire process. These are specific characteristics that make the Art of Fire challenging to its adherents, who feel victorious on the completion of every stage on their path to linguistic expression and personal creativity.


Monday and Wednesday

Beginners I: 3pm – 6pm

Tuesday and Thursday

Beginners II: 3pm – 6pm

Total per Class: 60 hours (20 sessions)

The materials needed to purchase will be indicated by the monitor.

Iniciados I: Monday and Wednesday

3pm – 6pm

Beginners II: Tuesday and Thursday

3pm – 6pm


≥16 years

Av. do Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado, nº 431 a 478, Edf. Nam Fung, 13ºAndar A – Sala 3

431-478, Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado Avenue, Nam Fung Building, 13th Floor A – Room 3

MOP3000 : Member

MOP3200 : Non-Member

6 participants

Portuguese and English

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street, Macau


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