Adobe After Effects – Level I

Monitor: José Nyögéri

17/01/2022 – 28/03/2022

After Effects is Adobe’s tool for editing and post-production of video that allows control and freedom to create sophisticated graphics with animation, visual effects with film and video quality and suitability for the Internet.

This course aims to provide the trainees with the knowledge and skills for a more elaborate use of the Adobe After Effects tool.

Knowledge of the Windows/Mac OS operating system from the user’s perspective.

Total: 20hours (10 sessions)

DSEDJ Course Code:2110200342-0

Allowed use of DSEDJ Development and Continuous Improvement Program subsidy.
Contact the CPM headquarters for information on payment methods, if you do not use the subsidy granted by the PDAC / DSEDJ.

Total: 20 hours (10 sessions)


19.00 – 21.00


≥12 years old

431-478, Avenida Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado , Nam Fung Building, 14º Floor A – Room 3


10 participants

Portuguese and English

28, Pedro Nolasco da Silva Street , Macau