The huge success achieved in the SUMMER CAMPUS sessions of the last years and despite all the difficulties inherent to the COVID-19 pandemic situation that have complicated the organization Casa de Portugal in Macau (CPM) has decided to promote between July 26th and 13th of August a set of activities aimed for the youngest, in particular those born between 2011 and 2017. The activities that will be directed by CPM’s specialized monitors and collaborators include Karate, Football, Small Scientists, Plastic Arts, Games and Dynamics, Cooking Classes and will take place every day between 14:30 and 18:00 in the premises of the Zheng Guanying Official School. Enrollment for the Casa de Portugal Holiday Campus is open to all parents who wish to enroll their children, limited to existing vacancies. It opens on Monday, July 5th and will take place exclusively online at The participation fee is MOP2,000 but Casa de Portugal Members who have their dues up to date – paid until June 2021 – will have a reduction of MOP500. Casa de Portugal predicts that the approximately 200 existing vacancies will be sold out quickly.